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Creating A Better Path

Pits and Props is a privately owned company dedicated to bringing good change to the construction sector in the United Arab Emirates. Not only do we exist to make good, but we also exist to do good. To anticipate. To be creative. To be in charge. To evolve.

We are one of UAE’s reputed construction firms, with a proven track record on large-scale projects such as power plants, reservoirs, hotels, airport infrastructure, and port expansion. We designed and built several of the country's roadways, tunnels, and bridges, allowing us to utilise our in-house asphalt, concrete, plant, and machinery.

Who Are We?

Our company's founder, Avni Doğan Tavlasoglu, graduated from Frat Technical University's Civil Engineering Faculty in 1972. In 1976, he founded the 'Tavlasoglu Construction Company.' His brothers are shareholders in the family business. Treatment plants, sewerage, stormwater, and irrigation pipelines have all been completed in various locations of Turkey. Later, Avni Doğan Tavlaşolu formed 'Tuncer Construction Company. Ltd.' as a sibling company. Tuncer International Contractions L.L.C. relocated us to the United Arab Emirates. We played a key role in the implementation of the 'DS174' Dubai Municipality Irrigation Project.

A new branch of the same tree has emerged, named 'PITS AND PROPS CONSTRUCTION LLC.' The management's major goal was to systematise a special wing that could compete with any specialised contractor in the Middle East, particularly in specialist operations such as installing extremely deep pipe lines, dewatering, trench shoring, and NDRC work, which has a bright future in the Middle East. We've also extended into other territories, such as Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Qatar.

The Strongest Thing We Build Is Trust

We don't limit ourselves to concrete and steel at Pits and Props. We build human relations, we build trust. We are approachable, even at the highest levels of management. Rather than pointing fingers, we are problem solvers who offer solutions. Above all, we're here to help you.

About Our Approach

We combine the stability and strength of any tier one construction firm with a new, modern approach and an unwavering dedication to innovation. Our firm foundation serves as a springboard for the future. We spend time looking up and out, thinking about where we're headed, and always pushing forward while bringing the industry with us.

Local Expertise Paired With A Fresh Approach

We're not constrained by the laws of the past since we have unrivalled local knowledge, a highly seasoned team, and a commitment to innovation.

Our Goals

Our mission is to: expand and continuously enhance the quality of service we provide; guarantee that the business is flexible enough to meet the customers' requirements throughout product development and the markets in which we operate; and provide consistent, acceptable returns to our shareholders.

Our Values

Our values are a reflection of what matters to us. They serve as a guide for how we conduct ourselves at work in order to achieve our goal of creating a better way.

    • Safety First

Profitability is never more essential than safety. We consider health and well-being at every stage of the design process, ensuring that every design is safe and constructible.

    • Loyalty

When you work with us, you know you're a part of something special. We are not only committed to our people, but we also cultivate a culture deserving of reciprocal loyalty.

    • Integrity

We take pride in what we do. We are dependable and follow through on our promises.

    • innovation

By thinking, testing, and suggesting a new way of doing things, we seek to provide value. We use our knowledge to better design so that you can build better.

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