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Pits and Props is dedicated to professionalism, ethics, and customer service, while always remembering to suit the unique demands of each client. We understand the importance of completing projects in a high-quality, cost-effective, and timely manner.

We are a nationally recognised commercial contractor with extensive experience in almost every area.

Our Services

Roads, Highways, Railroads, Bridges and Tunnels

We excel in a variety of areas, including roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, and runways. We offer a diversified portfolio of transportation infrastructure projects, including some of the most prestigious projects in the region. Our highway projects, which ring the UAE and are among the most technologically advanced in the world. We construct renowned pedestrian, rail, and automobile bridges. Regardless of the obstacle, our dedicated team works closely to deliver each unique project using cutting-edge methodologies.

Soft and Hard Landscaping

Any effective landscaping project requires a delicate balance of soft and hard landscaping components. We recognise that the balance between soft landscaping components and hardscaping construction is critical in modern landscaping. To that aim, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive set of services..

Irrigation Works

Pits and Props has been instrumental in the implementation of massive, sophisticated irrigation projects that have changed the landscape in many parts of the UAE. Dams, barrages, and networks of main and minor canals, as well as lift irrigation projects, are examples.

Pump and Storage Tank Construction

Pump & Tank Construction is a subsidiary of our company that specialises in all sizes of petroleum-related construction projects. To provide industry-leading pump & tank services, we rely on our full-service approach and years of experience.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pits and Props has a lot of expertise building industrial water waste treatment plants that use cutting-edge process technology. Our team has extensive experience with deep excavations, dewatering, and temporary chemical feed systems. We know how to expand an existing operation while maintaining permit compliance with the existing process.

Lift Station

We offer lift station construction services that include the installation of concrete wet well buildings, pipes, pumps, and electrical controls, as well as all ancillary fences, roadways, generators, and site restoration as needed. Existing lift stations and wet wells can also be retrofitted and rebuilt.

Pipeline Construction

Pits and Props work on projects ranging in size from minor home and garden upgrades to huge housing and industrial estate expansions, and we take on contracts from both the private and commercial sectors. We have a team with industry experience from numerous sectors. Our construction agreements offer the best value for money, with the lowest levy to suppliers and revenue that is reinvested in the public sector to sustain future iterations of government..

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